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Renewable energy grants

Renewable Energy Grants & Incentives.

Green Assess are part of a national network of renewable energy surveyors that offer advice and services that are crucial to the fight against climate change.

As part of its commitment to reducing the UKs carbon emmissions by 26% before 2020 and 80% before 2050 the government has introduced Renewable Energy Grants and Incentives.

These renewable energy grants and other renewable incentives are available to many homeowners and tenants across the UK.

Find out whether you are eligible for...

Renewable Heat Incentives (RHI)
Feed in Tarrifs (FIT)
Full or Partial Cavity Wall & Loft Insulation Grants

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Renewable Energy Grants and Incentives available now. Find out whether there are grants and incentives available in your area.

Apply for renewable energy grants

Green Assess specialise in putting you in touch with approved installers of renewable energy sources with access to grant funding or government incentives.

Through our qualified national network of industry professionals, we offer the following specialist reports and services throughout the UK:

Ground Source & Air Source Heat Pumps
Solar Power - Solar Panels & Solar Thermal
Wind Power
Biomass Stoves & Biomass Boilers
Home Insulation Advice
Home Energy Advice
Energy Saving & Renewable Energy Advice
Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)
Commercial Energy Services


Renewable Energy Grants - Find out whether you qualify for renewable energy grants and renewable energy incentives or request further advice now.

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